Employing a proper power protection plan to protect ICT equipment and infrastructure is the first step of ensuring availability of services, and to some organizations, it is seen as key to their survival in the tough competitive marketplace. If the deployed UPS system fails to perform when it is called for, all money and valuable time would be wasted. Condition monitoring, routine inspection and preventive maintenance on UPS and all other fail-safe power devices can ensure not only optimum operation of critical power systems but also work when it is needed.

We offer a full range of customer care services from pre-sales activities such as site audit and engineering advisory to post-commissioning work such as product operational training and maintenance plans. For multi-site projects, our specially-trained technical team can tailor a service plan to suit your specific needs.

A summary of our services is as follows, if you do not find the specific services you require, please feel free to discuss with us by sending your enquiry to

  • Site audit
  • Qualified site assessment report
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Battery monitoring, analysis and care
  • Engineering management and advisory

Business Consultancy

Whilst having an after-sales care support plan is vital to keeping the equipment operating in its optimum level, to a wider industry sectors, having a quantitative analysis of a prospective project investment may be necessary from the outset.

For customers who wish to appraise their project to ascertain its long-term benefits and returns, we offer our specialised consultancy and advisory using a set of customisable financial tools to provide customers a clear outlook for the entire life-cycle of their prospective projects. Please contact Synergict Business Consulting at for more information.

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